QLD SheSails Up-Skilling Opportunity

Having received a Queensland Government grant, Australian Sailing Qld offered a package opportunity where, depending on current age and qualifications, young women could attend either an Instructor or Sailing Coach course, as well as a Race Management Day for a discounted price.

2023 SheSails Leadership Conference – Save the Date!

Australian Sailing is excited to announce the return of the highly anticipated 2023 SheSails Leadership Conference, with this year’s event set to make waves by becoming the first ever SheSails event with an international lineup of industry speakers.

It's on again...

After a super-successful Regatta last year, we are excited to extend a warm invitation to women sailors to participate in this year’s South Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta (SAWKR)

A Discover Sailing Experience with Jessica Watson

Two lucky winners from the Sunshine Coast recently had the Discover Sailing experience of a lifetime – learning to sail with Australian Sailing Hall of Fame Inductee, Jessica Watson OAM.

How She Sails: Julia

I met a sailor who asked me to accompany him in a few sailing series. Later I crewed on a boat for the Wednesday afternoon series. The sailor became my partner and then husband and we bought a boat which we successfully campaigned in a number of racing series. I then sailed our boat in the Women's twilight with the best crew anyone could ask for.
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How She Sails: Danielle

By far the best part of sailing is the people you meet. I have friends all over the country from the sport.  We can see people once a year and mix with them like we saw them yesterday.
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How She Sails: Debbie

Please become a volunteer if you have the time. It is very rewarding while you are learning so much about Race Management. There are different tasks to learn which are very important especially when starting and finishing races and then keeping an eye on the fleets during the race/races.  Such a friendly atmosphere on the Committee Boat and I find it very rewarding
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How She Sails: Issy

I love the independence I have as a sailor. I enjoy sailing interdependently and as part of a team. I have visited places I might not have gone to if it hadn't been for sailing. I'd love to sail every day if I could as it makes me feel calm and happy.
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How She Sails: Gaye

Sailing provides a wide range of ongoing new skills to develop as you progress through your different life stages. It also offers a lot of fun and challenges and active social engagement. These are all very important for a positive lifestyle and good mental health.
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How She Sails: Vicki

Absolutely, try it!  Do a sailing course!  Visit different clubs, become involved.  If you decide sailing is not for you, don’t shy away from joining a club; think about being involved in other ways.
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How She Sails: Janease

The sailing community is full of interesting, fun and adventurous people and sailing is one of very few sports that you can actively participate in for your entire life. I would recommend anyone interested to get involved with a discover sailing program at their local club.
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Connells Point Sailing Club

Connells Point Sailing Club held its first-ever She Sails program on Sunday the 26th of March with 7 women taking part under the guidance of two instructors and three volunteers. This was one of their two-day She Sails programs. The 2nd She Sails program was on the 2nd of April, which was a very uplifting and positive day.

How She Sails: Simone

I love being on the water - the conditions are always changing so no two races are ever the same. The people I have met through the sport have become life long friends. 
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