Sailing Options

There are different types of boats from small boats that you can launch from the beach (Off the Beach) on your own or with one other, to sailing on larger boats called keelboats or yachts with more people typically 4 or more as crew and a skipper.  Before you try on your own with either of these options you might like to try Social Sailing, or sign up for a course.  You can find all the SheSails courses here. 

Off the Beach Sailing

 If you like excitement, you'll love off the beach sailing.  There's no better way to improve your sailing skills while having heaps of fun and making life-long friends! 

There are a huge range of boat options for all ages, abilities and budgets.  You can sail on a bay, on the coast, or on a lake.  You can sail alone or with a crew.  Off the beach boats are also trailable which mean you can travel the country with your off the beach dinghy or catamaran.

We recommend getting down to your local club to talk about what sort of boat is best suited to you.  Find your nearest Club here

Keelboat Sailing

If you prefer something bigger to sail (and not so close to the water), then keelboat sailing might be for you.  Many clubs are running women only keelboat courses which allow you to learn to sail with other women in a fun and social environment. 

The crew is comprised of several women sailors so all participants can experience and master all roles on board.  Teamwork is essential and allows for women of all fitness levels to learn to sail and create great friendships along the way.


Windsurfing is a great way to experience freedom and excitement on water. They are easy to transport and quick to set up and you can windsurf just about anywhere!  

Social Sailing

Whether you're sailing for the first time, returning to the sport, or an experienced sailor looking for something a bit more relaxing, Twilight Sails are a popular social activity held at sunset on week nights at most clubs from September to March every year. 

Twilight sails let you meet people whilst out on the water and back at the club house afterwards in a fun and social way. You dont need prior sailing experience as the club can match you up with an experienced skipper and crew.  It's very affordable and you dont have to be a member of the club you can sign up for a Sail Pass which lets you have a go at sailing without any long term commitment.

Keelboat Regatta's for Experienced Sailors Social Sailing in a Twilight Race Youth Sailing in an Off The Beach Dinghy
Junior Sailing on an Off the Beach Skiff  Catamaran sailing with your pet at a local regatta Enjoying crewing