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SheSails at your Club

Part of the vision for She Sails is building a thriving community of women and girls who want to commit to assist their club.

If your club wants to make changes to be more inclusive and to encourage more women and girls to get involved with sailing, there are many resources accessible on the SheSails website that can help. 

Australian Sailing’s goal is to have a SheSails Club Representative at every Club in Australia.  This person collaborates with Australian Sailing staff and the SheSails State Groups, on a voluntary basis, to enhance female participation in the sport of sailing.

Club Representatives are passionate about sailing and are good communicators who are supported by the club to liaise with committees, members and volunteers to positively promote female friendliness, inclusiveness and participation.

The Role

  • Be part of the SheSails State Networking Group which gives you opportunities to attend special workshops and social functions.
  • Attend (online and in person) regular informal sharing sessions and provide feedback to the SheSails State Networking Groups & Australian Sailing the success of any initiatives and any ideas for improvement
  • Have the opportunity to be part of the leadership group which provides guidance for future strategies.
  • Promote the National, State and Club SheSails initiatives.
  • Keep the National SheSails Event Planning Calendar Up to date with all your club SheSail activities (Workshops, Social, Events and Programs).
  • Be the initial club contact point for prospective and existing female members.
  • Encourage the club to use the SheSails resources and to promote these activities via social media (view the Marketing Toolkit here)
  • Encourage women and girls to tell their story with How She Sails (you can read them here on the website How SheSails)

Got someone in mind who would be perfect for this role? They can nominate by completing the online form for their state here - 

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If you want to talk to someone about this contact your local Club Services Officer

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