Laurie Hoffman awarded the Balmoral Sailing Club's 'Women in Sailing Award'

Published Wed 29 May 2024

Since Presentation night in 2021, the Balmoral Sailing Club has presented a ‘Women in Sailing Award’. It is a trophy awarded to someone at the Club who has worked to support and grow the Club’s female sailors.

This year, the Award was given to Laurie Hoffman. She has been tireless in finding ways to grow Balmoral’s female Aero fleet. Over the past three years, the fleet has grown from just her to an energetic group of women who sail regularly in the Club’s Saturday races. We think that it is the biggest female Aero fleet at any sailing club in Australia.

It did not matter whether the woman was an experienced sailor, new to the sport or new to the Aero, Laurie worked hard to create an environment where the sailors were encouraged and felt supported. She organized coaching sessions, coordinated group sailing sessions, and rallied the women to attend Travelers Trophies and out of town regattas. She has even sold her Aero to encourage a woman to own an Aero! Then she buys herself a new one and the cycle begins once again.

More generally, Laurie has orchestrated many social events designed to keep the women at the Club connected whether they are past sailors, current sailors, mothers of sailors or volunteers.

Our sincerest congratulations to Laurie for all the hard work she has been doing to help grow our wonderful sport!

Heather Forton 

Felicity Wilson MP presenting the Balmoral Sailing Club’s 'Women in Sailing Award' to Laurie Hoffman.