Karen Savery of the Balmoral Sailing Club receives her accreditation as a National Race Officer

Published Thu 04 Apr 2024

We are exceptionally pleased to let you know that Karen Savery of the Balmoral Sailing Club (BSC) has received her accreditation as a National Race Officer (NRO).

It is really good to hear that we have another female NRO that we can tap into. The latest numbers we have available are that only 7 of the 84 NROs are women.

Karen’s accreditation is built on rich Race Management experience; 10 years at the Greenwich Sailing Club and 6 years at the Balmoral Sailing Club.

BSC is a multi-fleet club and as a result on any given Saturday, the Club will have 40-55 boats sailing and Karen can start as many as 11 races. Some fleets start together but each fleet’s finishes are recorded separately. The start boat can have up to 44 flag movements!

Her RO skills are excellent in part because she understands sailors and sailing. She has a long history of sailing, starting in the Bluebird at 4 years of age, moving onto Flying 11s, Sabots and Lasers. 

When she was 18, the illustrious Frank Bethwaite asked her to crew on a Tasar which she did for 3 and a half years. After a short hiatus, due to work, she returned to sailing by skippering the Tasar. She has also sailed keel boats.

If that wasn’t enough, during the last 5 years at BSC, she has actively recruited and trained ROs and Race Management Volunteers. She has already trained 4 terrific Club ROs and will be training another 4 -6 over this coming winter.

A former Commodore of the BSC, Heather Forton, says the following about Karen and her contribution to the Club: “Karen has been instrumental in developing and managing a superb Race Management program. We know that Karen and her great team of volunteers will give us a well organised and safe day on the water. In addition, she allows all of the sailors at the Club to sail each week without having to do any other on-water race duties. We are so very lucky to have her as a proactive member of our Club.”

As you can see, Karen is definitely, the ‘go to’ person if you need an NRO/RO or if you are interested in developing your Race Management program.

SheSails and our community sends Karen our appreciation for her contribution to the sport and congratulations on her accreditation as a NRO.